Portillo Ski Resort and Hotel

The Portillo Ski Resort is one of the top Chile skiing spots. The resort has been the launching point for adventure seekers for many years, and is widely considered among locals and travelers as the most popular Chile ski resort.

The Hotel at Portillo Ski Resort

The Portillo hotel itself began as a humble lodge housing for ski instructors in the Portillo ski area in the early 1940s, when the world was awakening to the possibilities Chile’s slopes held for skiers and international travel was becoming more common. By 1949 the hotel had grown to 125 rooms.

One of the beautiful aspects of the Portillo ski resort is its isolation. You can’t simply hire a car and drive down the road to the mall. The rooms don’t have televisions. It’s just the resort, the people around you, and the slopes. This allows you to slow down and simplify, and really enjoy the focus and clear-headed feelings involved in skiing.

But don’t be misled into thinking this is some sort of backwater hotel. The resort boasts some very luxurious features, not least of which is the main dining room. This restaurant is comparable in many respects to the service and food quality you’d receive on a luxury cruise. There’s also a certain home-style feel to the food and service, despite the grandeur of the place. The Portillo Hotel also offers a children’s menu with spaghetti, hamburgers, and chicken strips.

For the kids and your family, the Ski Portillo resort & hotel has a complete game room on the lower level, where you can relax, have some fun and enjoy pool, ping pong, foosball, and an indoor climbing wall.

Skiing School in Portillo, Chile

Portillo Resort is famous for its ski instruction. In fact, even Olympic skiers including the U.S., Canadian and Austrian National Ski Teams come to train on Portillo’s slopes. Portillo definitely has the Olympic reputation to back it up, boasting four gold medal winners as former directors. The instructor staff now consists of an eclectic mix of trainers from all around the world. Many of the best skiers are drawn to ski Portillo Chile – and the best of those stick around to teach the arts to others.

The classes are surprisingly affordable considering the quality of the instructors – a one hour lesson for 2 people costs only $97. Ski Portillo.

The Portillo Chile ski resort is also child-friendly, offering lots of ski activities that include a Ski camp and several Kids Ski Free Weeks during the season from June through September.

Tips for Skiing Portillo

Having a Portillo trail map on hand is necessary for the more intrepid skier. Likewise, you should always be careful to check the Portillo snow report before you decide when and where to ski. Portillo is an idyllic place and holds some of the best slopes in Chile, but it can easily turn against you if you don’t prepare and have respect for the mountain.

Challenges of the Mountain

One of the aspects of Portillo ski area that appeals to skiers is the difficulty of some of the slopes that can be reached. Thanks to uniquely designed lifts, skiers can access high, remote parts of the mountain such as the Condor slopes. It’s hard for an adventurous skier to really say they’ve “done it all” until they take on these slopes. As well as the 14 lifts available in the area, you can also book a heli-skiing trip – but this is for the advanced and truly adventurous only.

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