La Parva Ski Resort

The La Parva Ski Resort

Just under 24 miles outside Santiago is the idyllic La Parva Ski Resort, aka the Centro de Ski la Parva. In fact, you can take in the entire Santiago valley scene from the base of the mountain. Unlike some of the more remote resorts in Chile, its closeness to the city means La Parva is a busy place at the height of the season. Ski La Parva itself is made up of a restaurant and condo, and there’s a full staff of over 70 instructors ready to teach basic and advanced moves with a unique local style.

Accommodation in La Parva, Chile

Staying at the resort is a fairly luxurious affair. The rooms are apartment sized, and 2 and 3-bedroom rooms are also readily available. There is other accommodation available in La Parva village besides the resort itself, which may be worth looking at if you intend to make your stay here a long one.

Another great point about staying in La Parva is the fact that you definitely won’t go hungry. There’s enough variety of dining available that everyone should be able to find something suitable for their individual tastes.

Skiing School at La Parva

The La Parva Ski School provides comprehensive classes ranging from beginner lessons through to advanced. Classes are also divided into kid and adult groups – so you don’t have to be embarrassed about signing up for an introductory lesson and getting lumped in with a bunch of eight-year-olds! Group classes are available, but if you really want to make quick improvements you can pay extra for some one-on-one coaching. The school is open every day with the exception of certain holidays.

If you’re an intermediate or seasoned skier, this is a big chance to learn from some instructors who are truly passionate about what they do. As well as having a private tuition session, you also have the opportunity to actually hit the slopes as part of a group and be corrected by the instructor “play by play.”

La Parva Slopes

There are a total of 14 lifts at La Parva, 12 of which are teleski poma lifts. There’s two quad chairlifts and one each of the double and triple chairlifts. If you’re relatively new to skiing, there’s no need to be intimidated by all this. Many of the slopes are perfect for beginners – no one’s going to send you down the mountain screaming.

Don’t forget that the ski slopes of La Parva Ski Resort are interconnected with the ski slopes of both Valle Nevado and El Colorado, making this (some claim) “the largest skiable area in the southern hemisphere”. Wow.

Tips to Ski La Parva

There’s a total of 30 ski trails at La Parva. You know your abilities, and no matter how good you are there’s something to suit you here – so stick to what you can manage. Consult an instructor or other staff member if you’re unsure whether or not a particular trail is too hard for you, and as with any other ski field, check the La Parva snow report before you go up.

You can always pay for some instruction if necessary – a one hour lesson is usually enough to get a good grasp on the basics, enough to enjoy your time on the slopes.

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