Flights to Chile

Several airlines offer flights to Santiago, Chile.

The high season for air travel and flights to Santiago, Chile is usually during the Austral summer, December through February. The holidays, specifically Christmas and New Year’s, are more expensive times for traveling in and out of Chile. During these months, the weather is ideal, which attracts many tourists from around the world. Chile’s Independence is celebrated the week of September 18th (“el dieciocho”), another time when fares are somewhat higher, though not as high as the summer.

There are several options to investigate as you research airfares and travel to Chile.

Some experienced travel specialists recommend contacting the airlines directly via their toll free number, and not just searching on the web. It pays to shop around to find the best fares and cheapest flights to Santiago, Chile. Don’t forget to check for additional discounts, such as student fares, purchasing a flight plus a hotel package, or a flight plus rental car package, etc.

At the end of this page you will find some helpful phone numbers and web sites for the International Airlines serving Santiago, Chile. You might need these if you arrive in Chile and have any problems, such as lost baggage.

Flights to Santiago, Chile from the USA and Canada

From the USA, you can get direct flights to Santiago, Chile from Miami, Atlanta, and Dallas. The airlines offering those flights are American, Delta, and LAN. You can fly from either Los Angeles or New York, and depending on the airline, you will make one stop and connection in either Miami, Atlanta, and Dallas. LAN flies from Los Angeles with a connection in Lima, Peru. If you are departing from Canada, AirCanada offers connecting flights from Toronto to Miami and Atlanta, then connecting with another airline for your flight to Santiago.

Searching for Flights to Santiago, Chile (Flight info to Stgo Chile on the web)

One of the easiest ways, at least initially, to check flight departure and arrival times, ticket prices, and travel time, is using We have done lots of searching online for best airfares and flights to Santiago, Chile, and Expedia has a very flexible search service, easy to change departure cities and dates. One of the biggest frustrations is to use a search service that is clunky and where you must continually re-enter your flight info after you make a change. Expedia doesn’t suffer from that. You can plug in each of the following city airport codes and play around with the dates to get a ballpark idea of flights to Santiago, Chile, including times and ticket prices. While using Expedia you can choose if you want a direct flight, or one with a few stops, likely getting a better price.

Airport Codes

  • New York – JFK, LGA, and EWR for Newark, NJ
  • Miami – MIA
  • Dallas – DFW
  • Atlanta – ATL
  • Los Angeles – LAX
  • Santiago Chile – SCL

Approx. duration of Flights to Santiago Chile

  • New York to Santiago – 12+hrs minimum; with other connections and stops, 15 to 17 hrs.+
  • Miami to Santiago – direct/non-stop – 8hrs+ via LAN or American; other connections, 13hrs+
  • Dallas to Santiago – direct/non-stop – 9hrs+ via American; other connections, 12hrs+ and up
  • Atlanta to Santiago – direct/non-stop – 9hrs+ via Delta; 11-12hrs+ connect in Miami; 17hrs+ connect in Dallas
  • Los Angeles to Santiago – 1 Stop – 13hrs+ via LAN; 18hrs+ connections in Miami, Dallas, or Atlanta, etc.

Obviously, your flights to Santiago Chile might be originating in one of dozens of other major US cities, and if that is the case, you will need to factor in the additional time to make your connection.

You can also search for flights to Santiago Chile with one or more connections (a longer flight but not always the cheapest fare).

While Contintental doesn’t fly directly to Santiago, Chile, it offers a direct flight from Houston to Buenos Aires (BA), and from BA, one gets a connecting flight to Santiago. Aerolineas Argentinas flies from New York and Miami with a connection in BA before arriving to Santiago. LAN flies from New York to Santiago connecting in either Miami or Lima, Peru.

The other airlines to investigate are Avianca (from several cities via Bogota), Copa (flies from Miami via Panama City), TACA (called Lacsa from Miami; flies from Miami with connections in Costa Rica), LAB (from Miami via connections in Bolivia), and TAM (from Miami via Sao Paolo).

Flights from Mexico

From Mexico you can fly direct from Mexico City to Santiago on AeroMexico.

Flights fromEurope

Several major airlines offering flights to Santiago Chile are American, Delta, Aerolineas Argentinas, Iberia, Air Madrid, LAN, AirFrance, KLM, Lufthansa, and Varig. LAN has service from Frankfurt to Madrid, and then from Madrid there is a direct flight to Santiago. Iberia and AirMadrid also offer direct flights from Madrid. AirFrance offers direct flights from Paris. The USA-based carriers offer their flights from Europe to Santiago, but connecting in the States. Aerolineas Argentinas flies from several destinations in Europe connecting in Buenos Aires. Varig connects in Sao Paolo then on to Santiago.

Several carriers offer service from Zurich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Rome, and Paris, to Madrid, where one can then choose a direct flight to Santiago. Lufthansa flies from Frankfurt connecting in Sao Paolo to Santiago.

Helpful phone numbers and web sites for the International Airlines serving Santiago Chile.


Main Office (56 2) 210 9300
Flight Info (56 2) 690 1030
Lost Baggage (56 2) 690 1031


Flight Info (56 2) 690 1038
Lost Baggage(56 2) 690 1039
Main Office (56 2) 390 1000
Airport Office (56 2) 690 1039


Flight Info (56 2) 690 1115
Lost Baggage (56 2) 690 1114
Main Office (56 2) 337 0022


Air France: AF; Klm: KL

Flight Info (56 2) 290 9696
Lost Baggage (56 2) 690 1538
Main Office (56 2) 290 9330
Airport Office (56 2) 690 1540


Main Office (56 2) 431 5423
Flight Info (56 2) 431 5023


Flight Info (56 2) 601 9272
Lost Baggage (56 2) 690 1093
Airport Office (56 2) 601 9318


Main Office (56 2) 270 6613
Airport Office (56 2) 690 1052


Flight Info (56 2) 690 1014
Lost Baggage (56 2) 690 1026
Main Office (56 2) 200 2100


Flight Info (56 2) 690 1555
Lost Baggage (56 2) 690 1114
Airport Office (56 2) 690 1551


Flight Info (56 2) 870 1070
Lost Baggage(56 2) 123 002 00791
Main Office (56 2) 870 1000
Airport Office (56 2) 690 1078


Flight Info(56 2) 526 2000
Lost Baggage (56 2) 690 1488


Flight Info (56 2) 690 1140
Lost Baggage (56 2) 690 1140
Main Office (56 2) 600 200 2015


Flight Info (56 2) 690 1111
Lost Baggage(56 2) 690 1114
Main Office (56 2) 630 1655
Airport Office (56 2) 690 1112


Flight Info (56 2) 690 1348
Lost Baggage (56 2) 690 1341
Main Office (56 2) 707 8000
Airport Office (56 2) 690 1192


Flight Info (56 2) 690 1276
Lost Baggage (56 2) 690 1275


Flight Info (56 2) 690 1156
Lost Baggage (56 2) 690 1156


Flight Info (56 2) 690 1348
Lost Baggage (56 2) 690 1345
Main Office (56 2) 707 8000