Rough Guide to Chile, 2nd Edition

The Rough Guide to Chile is a great resource for travel information on Chile. There are about 50 pages of BASIC info (money, health, safety, travel, visas, adventure tourism, national parks, skiing, etc). These pages are a two column format in a small font, so there is a wealth of helpful info in these pages. It is also up-to-date.

The city of Santiago is covered in the section, Santiago and Around, pages 67 to 122, and it provides detailed info (maps – *very basic, addresses, phone numbers, price ranges, dates and times) for city travel, wine tours, sightseeing, hotels, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and much more. The writing style is clear, colorful, and descriptive, not just a dry collection of phonebook listings.

Tucked into the pages throughout The Rough Guide to Chile are sidebars covering many aspects of Chile’s history, food, culture, and architecture, along with many additional pointers and tips for enjoying your travel in Chile.

Here is one example on *Skiing near Santiago*, pgs. 114, 115:

Santiago is only 90 minutes from some of the best skiing in South America. You don’t need equipment to take advantage of this-rental skis, clothes and transport to the slopes are easily arranged-and the runs are close enough to the capital to make day-trips perfectly feasible. Sunshine is abundant and lift queues are practically nonexistent during weekdays. The season normally lasts from mid-June to early October, with snow virtually guaranteed from mid-July to the first week in September. The most expensive and crowded periods of the year are the Chilean winter vacation, during the last weeks of July, and the national holidays in the week of September 18. There are various options for day-trips from Santiago: either the two-hour highway drive to Portillo near the Argentine border, or the ninety-minute serpentine road to the service village of Farellones, where three resorts are increasingly linked together. . . [there are six more paragraphs of information just on *Skiing near Santiago*, with helpful suggestions, prices for equipment and travel, and contact info.]

The Rough Guide to Chile is a very useful guidebook. Recommended. **Our oldest son who is planning to do some hitchhiking and travel to other parts of Chile says the Rough Guides are highly recommended by hitchhikers. They also recommend that you only take the pages you need, not carry the whole guide.