Lonely Planet Chile Easter Island

The Lonely Planet Chile Easter Island travel guidebook provides much help for general travel info for Chile and Santiago.
Starting with the Introduction on p. 9 and continuing on through p. 84 you will find Facts about Chile (history, arts, education, ecology, etc), and then Facts for the Visitor, including Visas, Money, Security, Health, Accomodations and Activities (activities include Cycling & Mountain Biking, Skiing & Snowboarding, Hiking & Trekking, Mountaineering, Horseback Riding, Surfing, Rafting & Kayaking, Diving, Paragliding, Cultural Touring).

The Lonely Planet Chile Easter Island offers many helpful suggestions to enable you to prepare well for a trip to Chile and enjoy your time in Santiago.

Travel advice for Santiago starts on p. 85 and runs through p. 124 (41 pages). The maps cover Santiago Centro, Barrio Brasil, Barrio Bellavista, Providencia, and Las Condes. They are basic maps, but they provide a little more detail than the Rough Guide maps for getting around Santiago. The Lonely Planet Chile Easter Island travel guide also includes a list of Places to Stay, Places to Eat, and Things to See and Do, including addresses and phone numbers, price ranges, times and schedules for the most important. Prices and schedules change, so it is always best to reconfirm.

Here is a sample from PLACES TO STAY, p. 104:

Santiago has a good range of accomodations, from hostels in grand old mansions to soaring deluxe hotels, but make sure you seriously consider location as well as amenities- it’s no fun if you’re stuck miles from transportation, restaurants and nightlife. The Centro, while close to the action in daylight hours, is actually very dead at night, and some of the fancy upscale hotels are a long taxi ride from just about everywhere. [We fully agree with their advice to consider the location, and for that reason we like the Providencia area of Santiago for its accomodations, convenient location, restaurants and activities.]

A very helpful guidebook. Recommended.