Insight Guides South America

INSIGHT GUIDES South America, 1st edition, 1993 The above image is for the current edition.

Our review, however, is for an older, 1993, edition of Insight Guides. You might find an older copy in the library or a used copy online. There is some helpful travel information, even in the older editions.

The current Insight Guides South America edition is packed with the same great scenery, history, and travel information. You can easily purchase it through Amazon.

This guide covers Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina. Its strengths are the hundreds of large, attractive color photos, some background history on each of the countries, and the major sights to see while visiting.

Chile travel information is found on p. 240 to p.273, and a separate section near the end of the book, p. 388 to p. 395 provides some additional travel tips. Santiago travel (and around) is covered on p.246 to p. 249 (4 short pages of info).

The INSIGHT GUIDE provides some history and a broad overview of a country, some things to do and see, some basic contact info, but not with enough detail to plan a specific itinerary. The color photography is very enjoyable.

Recommended for the photography and background information on the country.

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