Adventure Handbook Central Chile

The Adventure Handbook Central Chile is an excellent guide for trekking in Chile. Spectacular opportunities for hiking Chile and trekking in Chile abound in the mostly undiscovered and unknown rugged beauty of the Central Valley Region. All of this and more is covered in this unique adventure travel guide.

Trekking in Chile and hiking Chile are the authors’ specialties. From pgs 55 to 150, they include detailed descriptions for 23 different Trekking in Chile tours, hikes and climbs of varying lengths and difficulty, all within a few hours of Santiago.

Many other exciting and challenging adventure travel activities for Chile’s Central Valley Region are also covered.

The Adventure Handbook Central Chile includes excellent coverage on the following adventure activities:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Rafting
  • Kayaking
  • Surfing
  • Windsurfing
  • Diving
  • Paragliding

The Adventure Handbook Central Chile includes many helpful suggestions for:

  • adventure travel planning
  • preparation
  • clothing
  • equipment
  • health concerns unique for trekking in Chile – (this is one of the few guides to give any detail about the Recluse spider -araña del rincon- and the Black Widow – araña del trigo)

The Adventure Travel guide includes additional info on:

  • Chilean wine and cuisine
  • background on Chilean life
  • tips for travel in and around Santiago

The authors, Franz Schubert & Malta Sieber, are experienced guides and ardent fans of trekking in Chile and hiking Chile. They know the country of Chile and its people well.They write with a personal touch, which makes for great reading.

We include this guide because it provides details on some spectacular adventure travel and trekking in Chile opportunities that are near Santiago and within the Central Region. [Central Chile (where Santiago is located)had been our home for almost ten years, so we appreciate and agree fully with what the authors state in their Preface about this area and region] (p. 6):

Those traveling to Chile will arrive by default in the center of this country that stretches over a length of 4,500km, in its capital Santiago. But most visitors, seemingly afraid neither of the distances nor the discomforts involved, soon leave for the north or the south. By European standards, one might ask, Who would travel to northern Norway and to the Sahara, and all within three weeks? What usually happens in this process is that the Central Region is overlooked. Which is a pity, in our opinion. While the Atacama Desert and Patagonia know how to impress the traveler, the attractions of Central Chile have nothing to be ashamed of by comparison. It is not only the political and economic heart that beats in between Río Aconcagua (an hour+ north of Santiago) and Río Bio Bio (several hours south of Santiago). The fertile Central Valley between the High and the Coastal Cordilleras of the Andes is also orchard, vineyard, and breadbasket of the country all rolled in one. This is where the huasos and arrieros live, the Chilean versions of a cowboy. And only a few kilometers from the big city lights of Santiago is where nature lovers will be bowled over by a diverse fauna and flora, trekkers can climb lonely peaks, fans of whitewater kayaking find untamed rivers to explore, para-gliders may admire the Andes from above, and surfers can tackle the tubes of the Pacific.

Great guide. Highly Recommended, especially for the adventure travel and for those wanting trekking in Chile and hiking Chile challenges.